An enthralling paranormal mystery series that will keep you turning pages! Between psychic visions and old family secrets, four friends face new love and lethal danger in this otherworldly box set.
Four Stories
Rings on Her Fingers
Bells on Her Toes
She Shall Have Music
Wherever She Goes

Four best friends

Julie wants to marry Logan

Instead, she gets a shocking visit from her grandmother’s ghost, a set of cryptic clues for finding a long lost fortune, and bad news about her husband-to-be.

Enter Tyler Kingsley. Former journalist with a nose for news. What red-blooded man could resist danger, a beautiful woman , or a treasure hunt?

Gustavia wants to fall in love

Gustavia is annoyed because when she sent her wish for a prince out into the universe, the universe sent her a frog instead.

Amethyst wants the life she left behind.

Until it comes screaming back to her. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?
Amethyst sees more than most, but can she see the clues right in front of her? Or will she let the love of her life slip away again?

Kat wants to let go of blinding fear.

All she needs is the courage to face her own ghosts—and everyone else’s.
Kathleen Canton isn’t interested in a prince, that’s Gustavia’s thing. What she needs is a knight. Who cares if his armor is shiny? Not her, she’ll never see it.
Unless love can conquer all, and that includes the fear that blinds her.

Two meddling ghosts
Estelle and Julius want Julie to be happy and safe.
They’re prepared to do whatever they can to make it happen, even if it means putting her—and her friends—in danger.

One man possessed by evil
Julie’s demented ex-fiancé wants revenge.
Too bad he will have to sell his soul, not to mention going through four strong women, the men who love them, and a guardian angel gone rogue in order to get it.

Grab your copy of this enchanting mystery series because you love reading about strong women who find romance, adventure, humor and suspense.